Multiplayer Crafting System

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A System that allows the user to quickly add a Crafting System feature to his project. It's component based and can work with any kind of Inventory. For those who don't have an Inventory yet it also features a basic, drag and drop, Inventory solution.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.13 - 4.16



Key Features:

- Multiplayer Support | Singleplayer, ListenServer and Dedicated Server
- Personal Player Crafting | Players can have their own Crafting Menu
- Actor based Crafting | The Crafting Component can easily be added to an Actor to create a Workbench. EventDispatchers can be used to control visuals
- Fuel-based Crafting | Crafting can be linked to the need of fuel, represented as an Item that gets consumed over time
- Crafting Queue | You can start crafting Multiple recipes at once and wait for them to be processed one after another
- Uses DataTables | Crafting Recipes and the Inventory Items are managed through DataTables to easily add and modify entries
- Use your own Inventory System | Crafting and Inventory are connected through Interfaces. You can use your own Inventory if you want to or use my basic drag&drop Inventory Solution that comes with this System
- Placeholder Icons/Models | The DEMO of this System includes Item Icons, basic UI and interior meshs. It also features a Workbench, Anvil and Furnace to DEMO Actor based Crafting
- Clean and well commented Code

Technical Details

- 3 BP Components for the Crafting System
- 3 BP Components for the Inventory System
- 1 BP Component for managing Widgets
- 2 DataTables for Recipes and Items
- 3 Enums
- 4 BP Interfaces for Crafting, Inventory, Widgets and Usable Actors
- 1 BP for spawning Items
- 1 BP Function Library
- 7 BP Actors | 3 for the Crafting System Demo | 1 for the Inventory Demo | 3 for the Interior
- PlayerCharacter, PlayerController and GameMode
- 5 Structs for different Item and Recipe Infos (e.g. UI)
- Demo Level
- 22 Materials for Interior, Particles and the basic Character Mesh
- 4 Material Functions for the basic Character Mesh
- 3 Particle Systems | Candle, Ember, Smoke
- 3 Skeletal Meshs | Character, a Bellow and the Hammer (Anvil)
- 44 Static Meshs for the Interior | Walls, Table, Chests, Doors, Pillars, Random Props and more
- 31 Textures | Character, Items, Particles, UI
- 12 Widgets | Crafting, Inventory



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