Multiplayer Combat Editor

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MCE is a development tool to quickly prototype combat, abilities, stats, runtime modifiers and actions in your game, regardless of your theme.

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MCE is a code plugin to prototype the key combat systems of your game.

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Main Features

  • Create and handle attributes, stats or resources (such as Health, Dexterity, Experience...)
  • Access and use these stats from any Blueprint (such as dealing damages based on Dexterity amount)
  • Setup the damage systems of your game (critical strikes, falloff, armor, elemental types...)
  • Create abilities (passive, weapon or animation ability, stacks, aura, beam, cone area...)
  • Apply temporary or permanent modification to any of these stats, combat rules or abilities (talents, runes, buffs, item bonuses...)
  • Create a state machine for your characters to specify which actions they can take and when (such as can't shot while sprinting or reloading)
  • A hundred of examples available for download, including FPS, TPS, Topdown and Twin-stick character templates

What types of games / scale ?

  • MCE is best suited for Action, RPG, MobA and Shooter games in general, regardless of your theme / universe
  • Maximum concurrent amount of player / AI characters depends on your game and how you optimize it

How to use it?

  • Import MCE in an existing project or start one from scratch
  • Add and create actor components, interfaces, enums, fill variable values and plug MCE custom nodes altogether to create abilities, stats, passive, talents, crowd controls, enemies, items and much more!

Technical Details

  • Blueprints: 70
  • C++ Classes: 2
  • Development & Build Platforms: Windows 10
  • UE Version: 4.19, 4.20
  • Documentation: Tutorials

  • MCE is plug-and-play and should be compatible with most systems as it does not use any "cast to class" to work
  • Over 200 custom blueprint nodes to fully customize your multiplayer experience
  • MCE comes with 4 different character templates: First Person, Third Person, Top-Down and Twin-Stick
  • A hundred of other examples included (Enemies, Weapons, Pickups and much more)
  • Examples work with Gamepad and Mouse/Keyboard
  • Can be easily made Steam-compatible
  • MCE is setup to work with a listen-server
  • MCE is not cheater-proof
  • Everything related to Example Content is subject to change and is not considered part of the plugin
  • You can create singleplayer games as well
  • You need to enable Unreal Engine built-in plugin "ApexDestruction"



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