Multiplayer Car Racing Game

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Template comprised of hosting/joining races, car selection menu, cars with special abilities and race progress logic.

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This game template includes everything you need to create your own car racing game. You can also create different kinds of racing games (boats, horses, people, planes), since it includes features such as: full gamepad support (for vehicle control and menu interaction), vehicle selection, race countdown logic, checkpoints, determine player places (who’s 1st, 2nd, etc.), lap progress, individual special abilities. Even if you’re planning on creating a different kind of multiplayer game, this template might be of great use since it uses online sessions, remote procedure calls (RPC) functions and replicated variables, all fully documented.

It starts with a complete menu for hosting or joining a game session. These sessions can be hosted locally or online. This project has the complete setup to use Steam as the online subsystem to host a session.

Next up is a car selection menu where you choose which car to use in a race. The cars provided are presets but this template project has an easy system to build upon so you can create your own cars and make them selectable in this menu (and playable in any race).

Races take place in three preset maps, but this project also includes a system for you to make your own race tracks selectable and playable with just a few steps. Although not necessary, you can create your own race tracks by using Epic Games’ Track Generator system, which is included in this project. This system is part of the Blueprints Spline Tracks project, property of Epic Games, which can be obtained for free in the Learn tab of the Epic Games Launcher.

Technical Details


  • Full gamepad support
  • Widgets specifically designed to receive focus by mouse, keyboard and gamepad
  • Race logic (race countdown, checkpoints, determine player places, lap progress)
  • Create your own cars with special abilities
  • Car selection menu
  • Hosting and joining sessions, local or online
  • Steam integration
  • Clear documentation on how to use the template

Number of Blueprints: 30 Blueprint classes, 15 Widget Blueprints, 1 Blueprint Function Library, 3 structures, 2 enumerations and 2 Blueprint Tutorials (53 total)

Input: Gamepad, Keyboard and Mouse

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: PC

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC

LOD's: All meshes are used as templates so none of them use LOD's.


Overview Video

Blueprint tutorial asset covering the relationship between main Blueprint classes and the basic interaction of the user with these classes.

Video tutorials on how to create your own cars, your own race tracks and how to test them. The links are included in another Blueprint tutorial asset.

Important/Additional Notes:

All static meshes, particles, materials, textures and the buggy skeletal mesh are used as templates. They are property of Epic Games created for various other projects, such as the Vehicle Game, which can be obtained for free in the Learn tab of the Epic Games Launcher.

The Track Generator system created by Zak Parrish, which is part of Epic Games Content, is included. Parrish’s system is not necessary for the template to work but you can create quick race tracks with it. The video explaining it is here.



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