MultiPacker: Texture and Material Packer

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Multipacker is an Unreal Engine 4 Plugin editor for Textures and Bake Materials inside Unreal Engine. Its greatly helpful for every Project, allowing a great save of texture memory, a great and fast simplification on the workflow.

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MultiPacker is an Unreal Engine 4 Plugin editor for manipulate Textures and Bake Materials, Channel Packing or SDF Images; everything done inside Unreal Engine. 

Its greatly helpful for Mobile Projects, allowing a great save of texture memory. 

More than Pack Textures and Materials, MultiPacker have a lot of tools to give a faster creation and iteration of the content.

MultiPacker gives tools to extract the Tile on Materials, Blueprints, and on UMG. A iteration on the MultiPacker Asset updates the information of the Tile and you don't need to make changes where you had use it.

MultiPacker now its free, allowing everyone enjoy and use it; if you want to support MultiPacker you can do it in Patreon.

MutiPacker will grow with your support.

Documentation with detailed explanation of every function and use,

Changelog 1.12 :

  • MultiPacker Style Layer: Added buttons to get on clipboard a copy of material nodes with the variables setted on the Layer Style
  • Now the SDF option on the Texture and Material Nodes has settings to change
  • New Padding settings on the Texture and Material Nodes allowing change the global Padding variable
  • Nodes UI changed to look more Material Node UI
  • Dropped assets on MultiPacker Graph now are aligned on a squared method
  • MultiPacker Output Node now shows all the Output Textures
  • Refactored code

Technical Details


  • Pack Textures By Channels
  • Options to Save on RGB/RGBA or by channel
  • SDF from Channels or from a Material
  • Bake Materials and Material Instances Programmatically
  • Data saved on a Material Collection and on a MultiPackerDatabase
  • With the Material Collection and a set of Material Functions you can extract the Texture and use on Materials
  • With the MultiPackerDatabase you can make UMG Icons and Buttons, and with Blueprint functions get the Tiles on runtime, create style buttons and more
  • LayerDatabase allows define a style and reuses
  • MultiPacker Runtime Graph allows bake materials on runtime and accesses them via blueprints 


  • MultiPackerRuntime (Runtime)
  • MultiPackerEditor (Editor)

Plugin Content:

  • Material: 10
  • Material Instances: 1
  • Material Functions: 13
  • Textures: 2

Supported Development Platforms: Win64, Win32

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64 , Win32, Android


Youtube Videos

Documentation on Github Pages

Example Project:

Project on Github





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