Multi Thread Flock Fish

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This plugin use multi thread to simulate big flock fish!

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It can run on I7 CPU with over 20000 fish flock. And we can create more flocks!

We can set the fish's 'movement range.

It supports to play pause and stop.

The leader fish have a variety of roaming mode.

Support to create natrual enemy with a variety of roaming mode.

Control the leader fish and natrual enemy's transform freely by blueprint.

Player can be the nature enemy.

The core code is realized by c++.

Use one thread to calculate the grouping of fish.

Use one thread to calculate fish's transform.

Main thread only get the transform information.So it will not affect the main thread's fps.

Technical Details


-Five C++ class 

-Two actor blueprint 

-Two Exmple Static Meshs 

-Two Exmple Materials 

-Two Exmple Textures

Network Replicated: No 

Third-party APIs: No 

Supported Development Platforms: Win64 

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64 

Documentation Included: No 

Example Project:

Important/Additional Notes: No

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