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A collection of doors including metal swing doors, garage doors, and roll doors.

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More Doors is a collection of 3 different door types. These include metal swing doors, garage doors, and roll doors. The doors are all animated and are supported by Blueprints to make them easy to integrate into your game level.

The swing doors are modeled in an industrial/institutional style. There are 3 types including single, double, and double with center divider. There are 4 window options (none/small/large/ double large) and 4 latch options (simple/deadbolt/push bar/none). Other options include animated door closers and 3 kick plates styles and a stretcher plate. Doors include the frame.

The garage doors come in 4 types: single (300cm) and double wide (500cm) in either standard height (230cm) or tall versions (400cm). The door panels come in 3 styles (wood, metal, insulated), with or without windows. The panels can be mixed and matched. The garage doors can have decals applied on interior and/or exterior sides to add details like signage, damage, or graffiti.

The roll doors come in 2 basic styles (heavy and light duty) and 4 different widths. The opening for the heavy roll door is 400cm tall and has selected widths of 300, 400, 600, and 800cm (small, medium, large, extra large). The opening size of the light roll door is 250cm tall and has widths of 200, 300, 400, and 500cm. The door colors are set using the Blueprints and the interior and exterior can be different. Roll doors also support decals on the interior and exterior side.

Demo video featuring More Doors

Technical Details

Swing door features:

  •  Single (120wx220h) or Double door styles (240wx220h)
  •  Blueprint support for automatic or remote triggering
  •  Includes basic sound effects
  • 4 window options
  • 4 latch styles
  • Includes sample texture template for making custom door materials

Garage door features:

  • Single and double wide version (300cm / 500 cm)
  • Standard and tall versions (230cm / 400cm)
  • Blueprint support for remote activation
  • Door stops automatically when blocked
  • Decal support for signs and graffiti
  • Includes sample sound

Roll door features:

  • Heavy and light duty versions. Heavy version is 400cm tall, light version is 250cm tall.
  • Four width options (Heavy: 300, 400, 600, and 800cm // Light: 200, 300, 400, and 500cm)
  • Blueprint support for remote activation
  • Door stops automatically when blocked
  • Decal support for signs and graffiti
  • Interior and exterior colors easily changed using blueprint
  • Includes sample sound

Texture Sizes: Mix of 2048x2048, 2048x1024, and 1024x1024.

Collision: Yes. Simple box or physics asset depending on item.

Vertex Count: Varies. From 3K to 19K (LOD 0) depending on item and options.

LODs: Most static meshes have multiple LODs. Skeletal meshes have 1 LOD

Number of Meshes: 76

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 47

Number of Textures: 37

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, but should work on other platforms.



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