Monsters: Tyranopode

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This animated monster will be ideal for a wide variety of projects, from medieval fantasy to Sci Fi.

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WARNING: This model will be part of a pack containing 5 monsters (Monsters Pack Vol 1: Gorosaurus, Marhomorph, Hellcreeper and Cavecrawler)

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This monstrous creature will scare the bravest heroes. If it didn't scare its opponent away, big chances are that it'll get rid of it with its dangerous spiky tentacles or sharp teeth.. This original monster will fit in a lot of different genres ranging from Medieval fantasy to SCI FI.

Technical Details

Geometry is 29154 Tris.
Rig is 90 bones.
The model uses one material with 4096*4096 textures.
The package provide both PBR (specular set up) and LEGACY materials.
Model ships with a set of 31 animations (10 being root motion variations).
Intended Platforms: PC, Mac, PS4, XBox One



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