Modular Vehicle

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Create your own war machines with this complete modular vehicle solution.

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Create your own war machines with this complete modular vehicle solution.

Demo version


Technical Details

3 game-ready vehicles: 2K48 "Skythe", 2K46 "Discovery", 2K44 "Phantom"

All blueprints structured and well-commented

N-wheeled vehicle support

HUD support

Customizable PBR master material for vehicle

Camouflage support (up to 3 masks)

Different anti-stuck measures (savepoints, automatic and manual respawn, wheel jumpers)

Customized first person character to play

Ability to enter/exit vehicle

2 types of camera for vehicle.

Camera zoom.

Demo landscape

Simple Day/Night cycle

Basic enemy character AI: can find target and attack

Basic enemy vehicle AI: can find a path to waypoint, can follow to the target

Basic enemy aircraft AI: can fly to waypoint.

Health/Damage system(with environment support)

Material for destroyed vehicle/aircraft

Cloaking field support

121 vehicle parts


APEX destructibles

7 projectiles blueprints, including laser, different types of bullets and rockets with different targeting capabilities.

Rocket turret

Rocket pod

Laser turret

Gatling gun

Mine trawl/Grinder


Anti-Air turret


Generator module


Cargo Bay

Number of Blueprints: 80

Number of Meshes: 143

Number of Textures: 110

Number of Materials: 42

Number of Audio tracks: 11

Number of Audio Cues: 11

Number of Effects: 14

Number of Animations: 4

Number of C++ classes: 4 (0 for UE 4.21 and above)

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