Harbour Pack - Wooden Modular Assets

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These modular assets can be used for ships, wooden houses, shipwrecks, and other wooden environments.

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NEW UPDATE (22.12.2017)

NEW YEAR UPDATE (03.01.208)



Old one:


Artist's Website:


This pack contains 96 unique modular models, 45 materials (25 materials +20 instances), 3 blueprints and multiple (86) textures. Most meshes have custom collision, several have LODs and there is no overlapping UV's. Inside the pack there is an overview map which gives a good idea on the scale and geometry of these models. The pack INCLUDES entire ship now. Attached video shows models and example how to use assets.

Technical Details


  • Anchor
  • Barrel
  • Boat
  • Bottle, bottle_ropes
  • Box_wooden
  • Cannon
  • Captains_wheel
  • Chest_treasure, chest_treassure_opened
  • Coin
  • Details_circular, detail_wooden_a, detail_wooden_b, detail_wooden_c, detail_wooden_d
  • Door_arch, door_arch_hole, door_frame, door_rec
  • Dragons head
  • GALLEON assets - 12 models
  • Grate metal, grate_metal_damaged
  • Hanging_lamp, iron_lamp
  • Hatch
  • Ladder
  • Machinery_circular
  • Masts - 5 different types and base
  • Pillar_circular
  • Plank_multiple_horizontal, plank_single_horizontal, planks_bright
  • Pole
  • Pottery,
  • Posts (several)
  • Railing models (several)
  • Ropes (several)
  • Rows (European, Egyptian)
  • Sails - 4 types with cloth physics
  • Scope
  • Spline blueprint (rope)
  • Stairs
  • Shelves_vine
  • Small_column
  • Trim_90_wood, trim_wood, trim_wood_short
  • Window_circular, window_curved

Texture Sizes:

  • 86 textures from 128 to 2k resolution

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Meshes have proper scale

Collision: Yes, mostly custom

Vertex Count: Average

LODs: Meshes are optimized and several of them (door_rec, door_arched, cannon, ladder, window_circular, barrel, anchor, planks, small column) have LOD set up

Number of Meshes: 96

Number of Materials - 45 and Material Instances - 20

Number of Textures: 86

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, HTML 5

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, HTML 5

Additional Notes: Custom collision, non-overlapping UV's, Engine versions: 4.17, 4.18



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