Modular Ship Props

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These modular assets can be used for ships, wooden houses, shipwrecks, and other wooden environments.

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Artist's Website:

This pack contains 54 unique modular models, 21 materials (14 materials +7 instances) and multiple (53) textures. Most meshes have custom collision, several have LODs and there is no overlapping UV's. Inside the pack there is an overview map which gives a good idea on the scale and geometry of these models. Demonstration map (shipwreck project on two of the screenshots) is NOT included in this pack. Attached video shows models and example how to use assets.

Technical Details


  • Anchor
  • Barrel
  • Boat
  • Bottle, bottle_ropes
  • Box_wooden
  • Cannon
  • Captains_wheel
  • Chest_treasure, chest_treassure_opened
  • Coin
  • Details_circular, detail_wooden_a, detail_wooden_b, detail_wooden_c, detail_wooden_d
  • Door_arch, door_arch_hole, door_frame, door_rec
  • Grate metal, grate_metal_damaged
  • Hanging_lamp, iron_lamp
  • Hatch
  • Ladder
  • Machinery_circular
  • Pillar_circular
  • Plank_multiple_horizontal, plank_single_horizontal, planks_bright
  • Pole
  • Post_a, post_b, post_b_ropes, post_c, post_c_ropes
  • Railing_L_shaped, railing_modular, railing_str, railing_post
  • Rope_bunch, rope_bunch_circular, rope_bunch_curved, rope_bunch_square
  • Scope
  • Shelves_vine
  • Small_column
  • Trim_90_wood, trim_wood, trim_wood_short
  • Window_circular, window_curved

Texture Sizes:

  • 53 textures from 512 to 2k resolution

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Meshes have proper scale

Collision: Yes, mostly custom

Vertex Count: Average

LODs: Meshes are optimized and several of them (door_rec, door_arched, cannon, ladder, window_circular, barrel, anchor, planks, small column) have LOD set up

Number of Meshes: 54

Number of Materials - 14 and Material Instances - 7

Number of Textures: 53

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, HTML 5

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, HTML 5

Additional Notes: Custom collision, non-overlapping UV's



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