Modular SciFi: Props I

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A modular set of next gen props and architecture. Highly customizable, adjust colors, PBR and more. Compatible with all packs in Modular SciFi Collection.

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View More Screenshots:!blank/tqadi

A customizable set of props and modular architectural pieces. Use these sci fi themed work place and technological assets to create and populate a next gen, fully customizable environment. There are 44 prop pieces and 18 architectural pieces for a total of 62 meshes. Customize the look and feel of your individual assets through extensive material modularity. Through material instances, change up to 4 individual colors and PBR values, as well as detail normals to personalize your assets. Fully compatible with other packs in the Modular SciFi Collection.

Included are 5 example environments.

Technical Details

• 62 Meshes

• 88 Materials

• 107 Textures

• Pack assets range from 34 to 6,516 tris

• Pack average around 1,695 tris

• Textures range from 1024 x 1024 to 4096 x 4096

• Texture assets include diffuse, normals, masks and emissive maps



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