Modular Pipe Set

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High quality modular pipe set. 27 meshes & 6 different materials. Socket snapping for fast and easy setup.

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27 modular meshes ready to ensamble with socket snaping. Ideal for industrial or scify environments.



  • 27 meshes ready to snap together and make easy and fast setups.
  • The socket snapping allows to snap the different pieces with a few clicks.
  • This pack contains 6 different texture sets within a instance material so you can make all kind of variations easily.
  • Materials included: Metal, metal basic, metal painted, metal polish, PVC plastic and Worn plastic. All of them fully customizable.
  • All textures are 4K but it can be downgrade in the texture editor inside UE4.
  • The pack contains a 1.5x size adaptor so you can put diferent diameters on the same structure.

Technical Details

  • Texture size: 4096x4096
  • Scaled to Epic Skeleton: Yes
  • Collision: Yes - Automatically generated
  • LODs: No
  • Number of meshes: 27
  • Number of materials: 22
  • Number of textures: 25
  • Suported Development Platforms: PC, Consoles
  • Suported Target Build Platforms: PC, Consoles

TO ENABLE SOCKET SNAPING: you have to go to the Settings dropdown and check the "Enable Socket Snapping" box. Then you will be able to select any mesh and snapit to any of the other meshes sockets.



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