Modular Notoriety Component

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A modular system designed to implement a G.T.A. style "Wanted Level" system!

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BPC_Notoriety is a modular actor component featuring multiple options, events and functions designed to give you the ability to implement your own Notoriety system similar to systems featured in Grand Theft Auto and other titles.

With this component you will be able to create your own "level up" system that can be used to penalize players, spawn "police" forces, and even act as a pseudo security system for multiplayer titles!

All functions come directly from the component itself, a function library, or a simple interface giving BPC_Notoriety full flexibility and a seamless integration process. Simply add the component to whatever actor you'd like and call the 'Do Notify' function from the function library, or chain a link of helper functions as your game needs!

By defining your levels using a simple data structure (or data table) and specifying a team tag and unique ID for your components owner, you can implement a fully unique "Wanted Level" system for any actor using the component!

Tags can be used to penalize players for interacting with items that don't have matching tags.

Penalization functions have multiple conditions that can determine whether or not an interaction item sends a "Wanted" notification. Conditions include features that require allies to be near the interacted item or for allies to have a line of sight on the item.

Event dispatchers can be used to trigger unique events or set game-play values, giving you the ability to disable interaction with NPCs, stores, items, or anything else you can imagine!

Technical Details

Check out the website for a more detailed overview!

A playable demo can be found here!


  •  Wanted System giving you the ability to implement as many Wanted Levels you can think of!
  • Basic system library for handling debugging and potentially game-breaking errors
  • Fully replicated (template included)
  • Rolling updates and features!

Number of Blueprints:

Main - Full details can be found in a .txt file in the project directory.

Template -

  • 2 Controllers
  • 1 Blackboard
  • 1 BT
  • 7 Characters (1 with input)
  • 10 Interactables
  • 2 Projectiles
  • 2 Enums
  • 3 Decorators
  • 3 Tasks
  • 1 Service
  • 2 Interfaces

Input: Movement, Fire, Reload, Fire mode step

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Only tested on Windows, but should work for all

Supported Target Build Platforms: Only tested on Windows, but should work for all

Documentation: (vidoes linked there)

Important/Additional Notes:

A modified FPS template is included, but should not be used to create complex games as you will reach bottlenecks down the road.

Bugs will be fixed as requested.

Updates to template are coming soon!



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