Modular Mine Shafts and Tracks

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Modular building blocks for mine shafts tunnels, mine track segments, mine timber/plank wood support including a variety of rocks and tillable rock wall and ground dirt textures.

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Modular Mine Shafts and Tracks pack includes, rock tunnels and ground segments, to build quick and easy mine shafts. As well modular mine tracks which comes with a bit of variation including any turning, diverting or forking track segments. Some semi modular wooden timber support in different styles, either load bearing support or simple planks and wall wood dams. Rocks of various sizes, as well as piled rocks and scattered mesh version for quick environment dressing. A couple of decal materials drop a bit of dust and dirt where needed and rocky dirt mound insert mesh for ground variation. And a couple of candles for lighting sources. As a note this pack contains only static meshes, no intricate blueprints.  

Technical Details


  • Modular Rock Tunnels
  • Modular Ground segments
  • Modular Mine Tracks including Mine Cart
  • Semi Modular, Timbering Support for Rock Tunnels
  • Variety of Rocks
  • Rock Wall Tile Mat, Dirt Tile Mat , Sand Tile Mat
  • 3 Dirt Decals
  • Flame Particle

Texture Sizes: 

  • 30 textures at 2048x2048
  • 1 texture at 512x512

Collision: Auto Collision and Custom per Mesh when appropriate 

Vertex Count: 34 trough 3000

Number of Meshes: 83

Number of Materials and Material Instances:

  • 1 Master Material
  • 4 Material Instances
  • 11 Materials
  • 3 Decal Materials
  • 1 FX Material for Particle

Number of Textures: 31

Supported Development Platforms: Windows. 

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Notes: Modular Scale within 400 Unreal Units



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