Modular MegaPack for creating Office/Lab buildings

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Modules, furniture and props for creating Office/Lab buildings

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The included modules can be used for creating and furnishing commercial Office/Lab buildings. Houses and living rooms can be partially furnished - there are not bedroom, bathroom and kitchen furniture and equipment available.

80 meshes are simple (Walls, Floor, Ceiling, Plinths, Signs and Slabs) and the other 116 are more complex and detailed for props.

The assets in this pack are detailed and optimized, suitable for both first and third person games.

Blueprints are ready to be placed in your level with all materials and collision meshes applied.

Models easy to snap to each other with quality and performance well balanced.

All textures are 2048x2048 and include Color, Roughness, Metallic and Normal map. Emission map is included for keypads, lights and laptops

Scene with first person controller is included for demonstration.

Technical Details


  •  Ceiling - 1x1 to 6x6 modules and Armstrong office ceiling
  •  Concrete slabs - corner, square and rectangular modules with sizes to 6x6
  •  Columns - 3 sizes metal columns with rings
  •  Walls - 2 colors of wall and glass wall preset
  •  Windows - 3 sizes in modules for 1 and 2 floors
  •  Doors - Single and Double interior doors, metallic sliding factory door
  •  Furniture - Bench, Chairs, Tables, Locker, Shelves, office and reception desks
  •  Props - Laptop, 3 Bottles with liquid, Microscope, 5 Paintings, File, Book, Recycle bin
  •  Generators - Reactor and Boiler
  •  Stairs - Marble with carpet and Metallic stairs with railing
  •  Fences - metallic fence modules and ball for end cap and joining
  •  Plinths - straight and corner modules of plinths
  •  Signs - sighs for zones 1-4 and doors such as WC, Director, Lab, etc.
  •  Pipes - 2 sizes of pipes with valves and connections
  •  Lights - Ceiling light, Fluorescent lamp, Armstrong light
  •  Keypads - Locked, Unlocked and broken
  •  Vegetation - 2 Trees, 3 Palms, 4 Flowers, 3 Grass, 2 Pots

Materials: 23

Materials Instances: 2

Textures: 48 [2048x2048]

Meshes: 196

Blueprints: 46

LODs: 1 to 5 with custom distances

Collision: custom and optimized for performance

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac

Documentation: No



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