Modular Gate System

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A pair of actors that can dynamicly build gateways of varying size and functionality with working doors, while using custom meshes and motions set by the user.

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Demo Video:

Hello and welcome, here you can read about the Modular Gate System, what it is, and what it can do. As for what it is, it is a pair of actors. The Gate_Section_BP is an actor that allows you to create an individual section of a gate. It has options to set the meshes it will use to create the various edges, corners, doors, railings, and other parts. It is not generally intended to be used on its own though. The second actor is the Gate_Master_BP, this actor can be placed into the world and will handle the spawning of the Gate_Section_BP actors and their options to create a large gate that can be controlled as if it were a single actor. Just set the length, width, starting open/close position, and some other options and it’ll build the desired type of gate.

As for what it can do, well the gates that are made can open and close. Each door moving over the other one in sequence until the central area is clear, or covered. This works on small simple setups with just one or two door sections, or on large massive multi segmented gateways that can let in large ships or such. While definitely not the type of door you’ll want in all situations, for those that want horizontally sliding doors of a most likely mechanical nature then this system may be of use as it can greatly speed up the creation and implementation of such doors.

Technical Details


  • A gate system that you can plug your own art assets into too create a gateway that matches your desired look, and with your own float curves adjust the movement.
  • Allows for dynamically sized gates to be built, with the movement of door sections adjusted to match the size of the gateway created allowing for easily usable gates of almost any size.
  • A large number of options allowing for customization of how the gateway can be built, it's size, or what parts to build (such as only the doors, or to exclude the doors, or to include rails or not, etc...).
  • A series of meshes included for demonstration purposes, with textures and materials that can allow for customized coloring and other options.

Number of Blueprints: 4 (2 Actors, 2 Child Actors)

Other Assets:

1 Master Material

15 Material Instances

18 Textures (dimensions from 256 to 4K)

28 Static Meshes (Varied collisions, many are simple cubes, other auto generated, and some are custom made when needed). There are also some duplicates of these meshes not counted here, with their pivots centered to allow for more convenient placement when if using them outside of this blueprint.

6 Float Curves

Input: Demo map uses keyboard, none required.

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows




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