Modular Characters Blueprint

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Create modular randomised characters (meshes, materials and materials parameters) with a powerful blueprint system.

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Now with a new modular human example! Includes 2 heads with many different clothes.

Use this modular character system to easily set up your characters in-game to randomise meshes, materials and material parameters.

This blueprint system is useful for diversifying enemies, creating unique crowds and making customisable player characters for your game.

• Endless modularity. There is no limit to what characters can be made from. Whether you are making humans, animals, tanks or spaceships, the number of modular slots are infinite.
• Includes a robot character example with a number of modular parts (heads, arms, legs) held together by a common chassis.
• Supports multiple randomised materials and exposed material parameters, allowing you to easily create modular material setups using Colours, Scalars and Texture2D parameters.
• The blueprint system is organised, properly commented and comes with a step-by-step tutorial PDF on how to implement a modular character, using both a robot and a human character as examples.
• Allows synchronised common parameters between modular parts and independent randomisation for keeping mesh styles or material/colour styles as consistent or inconsistent as you please.
• Start this project as a base project from scratch or migrate the system to your own project and start making your characters modular!

Technical Details

• (3) Blueprints, one master modular character blueprint and two example children (Modular Robot and Modular Human)
• Base slot using inherited mesh from pawn class to drive anims
• Any number of additional slots
• Slots to populated by possible elements
• Possible elements contain a mesh, any number of materials and material parameters
• Possible elements are chosen randomly
• Each possible element chooses material and parameter values randomly

Example Robot:
• (9) Skeletal Meshes
• (3) Materials
• (16) 2k Textures

Example Human

• (15) Skeletal Meshes

• (12) Materials

• (54) 512-2k textures

• (1) Skeleton
• (1) Idle Animation
• (1) Demo level

Intended Platforms: Windows
Platforms Tested: Windows
Documentation Included: Yes



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