Modular Capsule Environment

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A high quality capsule hotel environment for VR and level design.

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Set in a dense city, this environment is a modular capsule hotel, beneath a large corporate tower. It is designed to be configurable to the user's desires, and the pieces can be used to make any number of minimalist spaces, with windows, floors, decoration and skylights. The entire pack is gridded to 1m units, with a 200mm sub-unit for structural gaps and wall thicknesses.


The capsules themselves are designed to a high level of detail, and can be customised via blueprint settings. Whether you're looking to add more detail, make them simpler or make each one slightly different, the blueprint system is there to make the process faster.


The pack also includes some simple buildings & vistas for background construction, and works well with any modern, minimal or sci-fi assets that you already have.


The entire pack is also styled after Japanese minimalism, making for a very simple & elegant Architecture, and modelled to a high level of quality, for high end Arch Viz, CGI and video game design.

Technical Details


  •  Gridded modular capsule hotel environment, with parts capable of being used to build a wide range of high quality modern spaces & levels.
  • Custom texture painted assets and PBR materials make up the scene.
  • Programmable blueprints for capsule pods & lamps that let you add variation to your scene, and control it simply.
  • Capsule pods have an LOD function, that lets you either use high quality meshes or a combined & simplified mesh for performance.


  •  116 Textures, between 4096x4096 and 512x512. All custom produced. 

Collision: Yes - generated and checked inside unreal - removed from certain meshes for simplicity.

LODs: All meshes have LODs generated. Some custom LODs and some generated inside Unreal.

Number of Meshes: 31 Environment Meshes. 7 Building Meshes. 3 Blueprints (made up of several custom components).

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 33 Materials. 5 Building materials for vista.

Supported Development Platforms: Windows 10

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC and PC tethered VR has been tested. Should work with current-gen consoles. Mobile devices not actively supported.



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