Modular Buildings Fully BP

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Modular Buildings to place many kinds of houses

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Modular Buildings are fully created with Blueprints.

Just place the Actor in your map and you have a complete house.

No correct placement for walls/meshes is needed, but you have the oppinion to build your house manually with placing the the walls, windows and doors.

You can change many parameters such as Size, Material, add a gutter for rain, and much more.

To set the door to open/close and have transparent windows just change the Variable "Walked On?" to true. You can open the door by clicking on the left mouse button.

If the Variable is set to false, you have a dummy-door and black windows.

What can you do with this Content:

  • easily build a village or city
  • click on randomize material and all houses you selected change it´s material
  • build really large houses with more than 20 floors
  • place walls and doors in the house and you have a nice apartment
  • as example build a church with a high sharp roof
  • and much more

Technical Details


  • Fully customized Materials
  • Stairs, Walls, Windows, and more
  • 88 Materials, also with substance
  • Doors can open/close
  • Two BP´s, One with random windows and one with only windows
  • Examples in the maps

Technical Details:

Texture Size: 512 to 2048

Collision: Custom and Auto

Number of Meshes: 23 and changeable

Number of Materials: 88 with Substance Graph Instances (for a better clarity in Materials-Folder)

Number of Textures: 499 inkl and Substance Textures

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: 4.16 - 4.21

Documentation: See the preview video



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