Modular Architectural Elements

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Modular architectural Blueprint elements

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These are some modular architectural Blueprints, which can be adjusted in height, width, depth, door angles, window beam amounts, cabinet shelf amounts, and cabinet section amounts.

If you need to quickly provide spaces with doors, windows, cabinets, or kitchen counters, this will make work easy and fast.

Technical Details


  • Closed kitchen cabinet block
  • Open kitchen cabinet with shelves
  • Open kitchen cabinet
  • Hanging kitchen cabinet
  • Standing kitchen cabinet
  • Wooden table
  • Steel table
  • Wooden cabinet
  • Steel shelf cabinet
  • Window with window beams
  • Window without beams
  • Door frame
  • Door left
  • Door right
  • Door left top window
  • Door right top window
  • Double doors
  • Double doors Top window

Number of Blueprints: 18

Input: Parameters can be set to adjust height, width, and depth

Supported Development Platforms: Any archviz projects for PC or VR



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