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Model Preview Pro-Useful for Modeler And Developer to test Models and Animations

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Hello every one!

I made this project for who need preview them models with multi-part or full body and need to control easily and changing part, material , animation with variety of data .

With this Model Preview Pro you can craft many part as your wish but maximum is 9 main part , you can use many set of material for your model too. All parts are separate , no need to change any Blueprint , it must be attach to the main pawn by drag from scene , then the main pawn automatic connect and manage them.

You can set custom input key control by change the parameter from inspector detail.

Technical Details


  •  Change Model-Part and Animation Real time
  •  Use Table data to setup Actor Part and Custom Pawn Character
  •  Custom Key name to modify input control
  • Custom Attach Weapons , Hairs , Accessories to Character Socket
  • Slow motion View
  • Free Camera movement
  • Physic blend
  • Custom save/load preset model
  • Playable character with preset model and anim
  • Trigger animation with custom key action

Number of Blueprints: 15

Input: Default

Network Replicated:No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Documentation: No

Include :Unreal Engine Third Person Example

Important/Additional Notes:





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