Mobile touches gesture manager

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Mobile inputs are demonstrated on demo video:

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By utilizing mobile touches gesture manager and adding it to your newly developed game and widget, you will definitely make the developing process much easier. Moreover, inside of the project you will find five different levels with the examples as well as a lot of comments to clarify any confusion you may have (tap, double tap, swipe, swipe up, swipe down, swipe right, swipe left, drag, pinch and rotate). Overall, mobile touches gesture manager will make the mobile game development process smooth and ultimately, help you successfully complete the project.

Technical Details

* Main manager;

* 5 Components;

* 2 Characters and Cameras;

* 10 Event Dispatchers;

* 7 Materials, 19 Textures;

* Virtual joysticks and textures (orange, green, blue);

* 2 Game Modes;

* 3 Widgets;

* 360 sphere and material for it;

* 3 Particles.

Compatible with different platforms.

The documentation (in the content folder) and code commenting are in the package.



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