Mobile Toolkit - 2D Endless Runner

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A fully developed, ready-to-publish mobile template in the endless runner genre

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Swimmy Fish is a fully developed mobile game template in the endless runner genre. From the visual assets to the Blueprint structure, everything is optimized for mobile platforms and ready for publishing. The only thing missing is your own creative touch!

In this template you'll find everything you need for setting up a simple mobile game from start to finish. Intuitive integration between art assets and Blueprint code allows for very simple and very fast customization. Every method, macro, and variable has in-code documentation to help you get the most out of this template - learn, rebuild, and create with ease! You can use this template as a learning tool, supplementation for your existing projects, or as the foundation for a completely new mobile project!

You can find a brief demo video at this link: Mobile Toolkit - 2D Endless Runner

Technical Details

This toolkit includes the following features:

  • 30 fully documented Blueprint classes covering character, HUD, game, and level integration
  • Achievements, ads, and leaderboard setup
  • Social media sharing - initial setup (see documentation at link below for full setup guide)
  • In-depth look at responsive & scalable mobile UI
  • 30+ art assets including textures, sprites, materials, particle effects, and audio/music all optimized for mobile performance
  • Much more!

Number of Blueprints: 30

Input: Mobile/Touch

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

Supported Target Build Platforms: Android, iOS


Important/Additional Notes: The documentation section for social media sharing can be used independent of this Marketplace content. Feel free to give this a read before buying!



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