MOBA Style Spawn Points

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A highly customizable MOBA style spawn points system.

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A highly customizable MOBA style spawn points package that comes with three League of Legends and DoTA style spawning system. These spawn points; lane, camp and boss come prepared with wave functionality built in as well as more specific functions particular to each spawn point.

These typical MOBA style spawn points can define any number of creeps to spawn at a given interval, this package provides some basic AI units to help demonstrate the spawn points functionality as well as to show how easy it is to integrate this system with your existing content.

All Blueprints are clearly commented and their logical flow is easy to understand and follow. A variety of spawn point settings are demonstrated within the Showcase level as well as multiple different ways to get important gameplay information such as the next wave respawn time are also demonstrated in the form of widget components and heads up displays.

These MOBA style spawn points will enable you to create highly customizable creep wave experiences within your game.

Technical Details

- 4 Actor Blueprints
o BP_Base_SpawnPoint
o BP_Lane_SpawnPoint
o BP_Camp_SpawnPoint
o BP_Boss_SpawnPoint
- 2 Interface Blueprints
o IMOBASpawner
o ISpawnableCreep
- 1 Widget Blueprint
o WBP_MOBA_SpawnTimers
- 1 Blueprint Struct
o SWaveSpecificCreeps
- 1 Blueprint Macro Library
o BP_MOBA_MacroLibrary
- 1 Tutorial Blueprint
o MOBAStyleSpawnPointsTutorial

List of features:
- Define base Creep wave
- Define the Wave Time in Seconds
- Define the Per Creep Spawn Delay in Seconds
- Finely tune able wave specific creeps (Lane Only)
o Ability to set exactly which wave to spawn specific creeps on
o Can set creeps to only spawn on 1 wave
o Wave frequency setting to offset creep spawning to specific waves
- Spawn creeps in order or as they appear on wave generation (Lane Only)
- Allow stack spawning of creeps (Camp Only)
- Customizable creep spawn locations (Camp Only)
- Customizable spawn area volume (Camp Only)
- Define if to only respawn a boss once the previous has died (Boss Only)
- Initial boss spawn time (Boss Only)
Supporting features:
- Basic AI units in LoL/DOTA style flavors.
- HUD Elements to demonstrate how to get wave respawn times.

Engine Compatibility:
- 4.9
Intended Platform:
- PC
Platforms Tested:
- PC
Documentation Included:
- External Documentation (No)
- Internal Documentation (Yes)





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