Rifle 01 Pro - Mocap Pack

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446+ Motion Capture Animations

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Version 2.7A has a New Socket on the "middle_01_r" bone for attaching the Rifle, and all Animations updated to use it. The original custom added “hand_r_wep” bone is no longer used.

(If you need a copy of 2.7 in the future for your existing pipeline, contact us and we can provide the files.)

All Animations with Root Motion and IPC.

Visually, 2.7A animations will look the same as 2.7, it is a technical change and update.

On-Back Holster Animations and Pistol Swaps/Integration.

Back and Hip Holster Sockets with matching animations.

Mobility Pro and Pistol Pro integration when holstering.

Turn In-Place Loops.

Lower CrouchWalks.

New Split Jumps.

390 Animations, 48 Aim Offsets, 36 Split Jumps.

876 Total Animation Files.

Download and read the complete "Rifle Pro UE4 27 - Animation List" PDF motion list:


View animations on Sketchfab: skfb.ly/K7YM

Original Teaser Preview: vimeo.com/129670680

Large set of Military Rifle animations for a third-person shooter game.

All idles and transitions have been carefully pose-matched, for seamless motion trees.

Includes Looking and Aim Offsets, Idles, Walks, Jogs, Runs, Crouches, Holstering, Weapon Swaps, Aiming, Shooting, Reloads, Turns, Jumps, Split Jumps, Deaths and Transitions.

A matching fully textured Rifle is included.

Technical Details

● Rev. 2.7A Update

New Socket on the "middle_01_r" for attaching the Rifle, and all Animations updated to use it. The original custom added “hand_r_wep” bone is no longer used, allowing other Characters with skeletal meshes that use the stock Epic Skeleton and proportions to easily integrate into a Project with the “Assign Skeleton” function, or the Retarget Manager. No custom rigging needed.

The "middle_01_r" articulates the position of the Rifle in different poses without breaking the wrist and replacing the need for the custom “hand_r_wep” bone as before.

● Our IPC(in-place custom) animations have custom attributes providing continuous Speed and Rot(yaw) data curves, a feature used by major developers.

○ New Split Jumps

○ New Turn In-Place Loops.

○ New Lower CrouchWalks.

○ New faster Reloads - Including Standing and Crouching

○ New Weapon Holsters - On Back and Pistol Swaps

○ Back Rifle Socket and Hip Pistol Socket with matching animations.

○ Full Animation List has frame/seconds delay timings for Holster/UnHolster.

○ Holstered Animations match our Mobility Pro and Pistol Pro, for seamless integration with our other Animation Packs.

● All animations as Root Motion and In-Place.

● FBX source files are also included as single Take animations on the UE4 template skeleton in “\Project\Source\FBX\” (not visible in the Editor).

● “A” and “T” pose files included to change the default Retarget Manager stance.

● Source Animation import and A/T Poses explained here:

UE4 Compatibility and Usage FAQ



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