Rifle 01 Pro - Mocap Pack

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446+ Motion Capture Animations

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All Animations with Root Motion and IPC (in-place with custom attributes)
Many Added Animations and Tweaks.
New On-Back Holster Animations and Pistol Swaps/Integration.
Back and Hip Holster Sockets with matching animations.
Mobility Pro and Pistol Pro integration when holstering.
New Turn In-Place Loops.
Lower CrouchWalks.
New Split Jumps.

390 Animations, 48 Aim Offsets, 36 Split Jumps.
876 Total Animation Files.

Please download and read the complete "Rifle Pro UE4 27 - Animation List" PDF motion list:

View animations on Sketchfab: skfb.ly/K7YM
Original Preview: vimeo.com/129670680

Large set of Military Rifle animations for a third-person shooter game.
All idles and transitions have been carefully pose-matched, for seamless motion trees.
Includes Looking and Aim Offsets, Idles, Walks, Jogs, Runs, Crouches, Holstering, Weapon Swaps, Aiming, Shooting, Reloads, Turns, Jumps, Split Jumps, Deaths and Transitions.
A matching fully textured Rifle is included.

Technical Details

● Rev. 2.7 Update

● Many animations added and tweaked.

● Our IPC(in-place custom) animations have custom attributes providing continuous Speed and Rot(yaw) data curves for more flawless control and programming options, a feature used by major developers.

○ New Split Jumps

○ New Turn In-Place Loops.

○ New Lower CrouchWalks.

○ New faster Reloads - Including Standing and Crouching

○ New Weapon Holsters - On Back and Pistol Swaps

○ Back Rifle Socket and Hip Pistol Socket with matching animations.

○ Full Animation List has frame/seconds delay timings for Holster/UnHolster.

○ Holstered Animations match our Mobility Pro and Pistol Pro, for seamless integration with our other Animation Packs.

● “A” and “T” pose files included to change the default retarget manager stance.

● Source Animation import and A/T Poses explained here:

UE4 Compatibility and Usage FAQ

● Along with the two right hand weapon sockets, the Skeleton has two additional bones “hand-l-wep” and “hand-r-wep”, for animated attachment of the Rifle. “hand-r-wep” creates the correct Rifle position always, including holstering. They will not affect any other animations not using them.

● The “ik_hand_gun” bone is animated to follow the “hand-r-wep".

● The Rifle mesh is attached to “hand_r_wepSocket” and “RifleHolsterSocket” in the skeleton preview.

● The Pistol mesh is attached to “hand_r_wepSocket” and “PistolHolsterSocket” in the skeleton preview.

● All animations as Root Motion and In-Place.

● FBX source files are also included as single Take animations on the UE4 template skeleton in “\Content\Rifle_01\Source\FBX\” (not visible in the editor).



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