Metal Tech Surfaces 2

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A set of HD materials and textures for hi-tech and sci-fi environments. These can fit military, armored, alien and other scifi styles.

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This set of materials and textures is built with a wide variety of platforms in mind. They can be used with or without tessellation, the height map, wear masks, etc. The master materials and instances are all made so you can easily adjust them, as needed.

All materials have a color mask/detail, metal/rough/ao, emissive, height, wear mask and normal map textures.

The textures can be adjusted between 32 and 4096 max resolutions (currently set to 2048 for ease of use and mobile requirements), and the material instances have parameters for all textures, colors, emissive levels, roughness, edge wear, dust, normal strength, height distance, and tessellation amount.

Technical Details

Texture Resolutions: All are 4k (4096x4096)

Number of Materials: 22 (4 masters, 18 instances) plus mobile friendly versions.

Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: Yes

Number of Textures: 103

Supported Development Platforms: All

Supported Target Build Platforms: All (though tested on Windows and Android)

Important/Additional Notes: To use these on mobile you will need to keep the textures max size at 2048 or less and use the materials in the "Mobile" folder.

Optimization tips: If you dont need/want the tessellation and height, just switch the "metalTech_setMaster" material instances reference to the "noTessel" master material. Additionally, if you also dont need/want the edge wear, scratches n dust you can switch that setMaster to the "noTesWear" master material and all material instances will no longer be using those textures.



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