Metal Materials

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36 Metal Materials ready to be used in your project.

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36 Metal Materials that you can use right away in your project. The pack has 3 Base Materials for clear, scratched and eroded metals. From the 3 base materials there have been created 36 material instances that have the PBR values for steel, gold, copper, brass, bronze, gold paint, aluminium, chrome, colored aluminum, steel blue and oxidized aluminium.

Technical Details

What's in the pack:

3 Base Materials:

- Clear Metal

- Scratched Metal

- Eroded Metal

36 Material Instances:

- Chrome clear

- Chrome scratched

- Chrome eroded

- Gold clear

- Gold scratched

- Gold eroded

- Gold Paint clear

- Gold Paint scratched

- Gold Paint eroded

- Aluminium clear

- Aluminium scratched

- Aluminium eroded

- Aluminium Oxidized clear

- Aluminium Oxidized scratched

- Aluminium Oxidized eroded

- Steel clear

- Steel scratched

- Steel eroded

- Steel Blue clear

- Steel Blue scratched

- Steel Blue eroded

- Bronze clear

- Bronze scratched

- Bronze eroded

- Brass clear

- Brass scratched

- Brass eroded

- Aluminium colored clear

- Aluminium colored scratched

- Aluminium colored eroded

Very easy to edit with just sliders or changing some textures to custom ones.

Includes a document with all the metal values that can be used to set the same metal materials in other environments.



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