Mesas Landscape v3.0

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A huge sunny cloudy desert landscape.

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A huge sunny cloudy desert landscape providing 64 Square Kilometers of playable area with background meshes that extend far far away towards the horizon plus dynamic cloud shadows for which you can choose the speed, movement direction, scale, intensity, etc. Landscape material is customizable through the material instance parameters such as color, near tiling, far tiling, roughness, specularity, displacement, normal intensity, tessellation and it's sub parameters, etc. If you're hungry, this dessert is just for you.

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Technical Details

PBR: Yes

LOD: Yes

Collision: Yes

Texture size: Up to 4K

[12] Material Functions

[5] Material Instances

[1] Landscape

[21] Textures

[5] Materials

[3] Mesh

"One or more textures on this 3D-model have been created with images from These images may not be redistributed by default. Please visit for more information."



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