Melee Weapons Pack

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High quality photo-realistic Melee Weapons. Perfect for Zombie, Survival, Adventure, Action, Combat games. ✔ Optimized for First / Third Person ✔ LOD ✔ PBR Textures / Materials | Wrench, Bayonet, Axe, Baseball Bat, Cleaver, Crowbar, Throwing Knife & Star

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The Melee Weapons Pack includes: Pipe Wrench, M9 Bayonet, Axe, Baseball Bat, Heavy Cleaver, Crowbar, Kunai (Throwing Knife), Shuriken (Throwing Star).

Technical Details

✔ The package includes 8 High-Quality Melee Weapons with LOD and Collision

✔ The color of the Baseball Bat is customizable

✔ Each weapon has a Blood Mask which can be easily turned on and off

✔ Polycounts ranges from 350 to 4000 triangles per model

✔ Texture Resolutions vary from 1024 to 4096

✔ Each weapon has its own PBR Material (Diffuse, Metallic, Roughness, Normal, Ambient Occlusion, Color Mask, Blood Mask). There is a total of 20 Materials including instances

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