Medieval Series: Farmer and WoodCutter Tools

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Contains realistic high quality PBR Farmer and Wood Cutter props and tools: axe, rake, shovel, wooden hoe, flail, greataxe, scythe, wooden chops, saw, trunk, stump, harrow, barrel, crate, shears, sickle, knife, pitchfork, and more. Also fits fantasy env.

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This pack contains realistic and historically accurate high quality PBR Farmer and Wood Cutter props and tools as they were during the Middle Age: axe, greataxe, 2 types of rakes, 2 shovels, wooden hoe, flail, 2 types of scythes, saw, 2 harrows, 2 haymaking forks, pitchfork, sickle, knife, shears, wooden ladder, barrel opened, barrel closed, barrel full, wooden basket empty, wooden basket full, barrel top, 4 groups of cut wood chops, working wooden table, wooden crate, 2 empty winnowing baskets, 2 full winnowing baskets, wood rack, 3 wood chunks, 3 wood stumps, and a trunk ready to be cut.

There's a master material with 8 material instances with customizable tile, displacement multiplier, and offset strength. You can use those for whatever you want, especially for full barrels, full wooden baskets, or full winnowing baskets, these are: Barley, Colorful Seeds, Corn, Wheat, Dark Seeds, Herbs, Rice Hulls and also Spices.

Also, every tool and most of the props have two color variances: light wood and dark wood, which differ not merely in the wood color, but also in the details, dirt, metal color, and damages.

The pack also contains two skeletal meshes for Flail and Shears. All of the assets have LODs built in the engine. Most of the textures are 2k for optimization. Only a few of the larger assets have 4k texures.

Technical Details


  • 44 Meshes
  • Two texture variances for most of the assets
  • 8 Different Material Instances

Texture Sizes:

  • Most assets 2048x2048
  • Working Table, Harrow, and Barrel 4096x4096
  • Little assets 1024x1024

Scaled to Epic Skeleton: Yes

Collision: Yes, LOD2 is used as collision

Vertex Count: From 132 (smallest) to 12.608 (biggest)

LODs: Yes, Generated in the Engine

Number of Meshes: 44 Static Meshes + 2 Skeletal Meshes

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 59 Materials + 8 Material Instances

Number of Textures: Three for each Material (Diffuse, Normal, Lightmask RGB) +2 additional Opacity Masks for Winnowing Baskets + 4 for each of the 8 Material Instances

Supported Development Platforms: PC/Mac/Xbox 1/PS4/HTC Vive/Oculus Rift

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC/Mac/Xbox 1/PS4/HTC Vive/Oculus Rift

Additional Notes: Most of the Assets were realized from actual medieval references and documentation. Some assets come in two variances as the tool itself had variances during the Middle Age (for example the Haymaking Fork)



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