Medieval Modular Houses Pack

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With this package you will be able to make modular houses and spacious interior designs.

  • Supported Target Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions


You can design wonderful homes with this interior and exterior modular medieval package offered to you. You can diversify your designs with color combinations.


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Technical Details


  • 12 Wall Meshes
  • 5 Window Wall Meshes
  • 9 Roof Wall Meshes
  • 4 Door Wall Meshes
  • 17 Roof Meshes +2 Roof Timber
  • 5 Floor Meshes+ 1 Floor Timber Cap
  • 9 Timber Meshes
  • 2 Door Meshes
  • 2 Stair Meshes
  • 2 Fence Meshes+1 Fence Timber
  • 1 Fireplace (Consists of 3 meshes)
  • 1 Lighthouse (Not modular but have interior space)

Number of Textures: 423 texture

Texture Sizes: 2048x2048

Collision: (Yes/Low)

Vertex Count: 2 to 864 (only lighthouse 18395)

Number of Meshes: 74+1 (lighthouse)

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 224 Material and 4 Decal material

Important/Additional Notes:

4 blueprint has been prepared to make your work easier while designing your structures.

  • BP_Wall (Only Wall-C, Wall-Window-A, Wall-Window-B, Wall-Window-C, Wall-DoorEntrance-A,Wall-DoorEntrance-D walls have stone texture)
  • BP_Roof (4 different roofs available)
  • BP_Floor
  • BP_Fireplace



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