Medieval Material Pack

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A pack of 19 Medieval/ Fantasy themed Materials

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A pack of 19 Medieval/ Fantasy themed Materials

------ Version 1.1 ------

Updated on 10/08/2018


Pack Overview

Tessellation Material Preview

A beautiful variation of 19 diffrent Medieval/ Fantasy materials for the use in any game or architectural project.

All Materials are in 2048x2048 resolution and includes base color map, normal map and roughness map.

Textures Included in this pack:

  • 3 wood planks textures
  • 3 wood textures
  • 3 pavement textures
  • 1 plaster texture
  • 2 tree bark textures
  • 1 ground rock texture
  • 2 stone/brick wall textures
  • 2 window glass textures
  • 2 window frame textures

Master Materials in this pack:

  • Basic Master material

- Adjustable Parameters-

  • AO Power
  • Roughness Intensity
  • Texture Rotation (from 0 to 1. (0.25=90, 0.50=180 ...))
  • Texture Tiling

  • Distanced Based Tessellation Master Material

-Adjustable Parameters-

  • Displacement and Tessellation Fade Start (Distance in UU when fade starts)
  • Displacement and Tessellation Fade End (Distance in UU when fade ends )

  • Basic Glass Master Material

- Adjustable Parameters-

  • Glass opacity

  • Basic Window Frame Master Material

Technical Details

Features: PBR Medieval/ Fantasy Materials

Number of Materials: 4 Master Material & 29 Instance Materials with a resolution of 2048x2048

Total number of Textures: 53

  •  19 base color maps in 2048x2048
  •  15 RAOH maps in 2048x2048 (Red= Roughness, Green= AO, Blue= Height)
  • 2 RMH maps in 2048x2048 (Red= Roughness, Green=Metallic, Blue= Height)
  •  17 normal maps in 2048x2048

Source file format: TGA

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox One

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox One

Engine Compatibility: 4.15 - 4.21

Intended Platform: PC, Console, Mac

Platforms Tested: Windows

Documentation Included: No

The "Showcase" demo level has the additional content:

4 Static Meshes



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