Medieval Market Pack

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Medieval Market Pack

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  • Fruit (Apple, Lemon, Peach, Orange, Tomato)
  • Weapons (Round Shield, Axe, Long Sword)
  • Tent (2 types)
  • Fruit Expositor
  • Crate (3 types)
  • Vessel (5 types)
  • Cube
  • Table
  • Barrel
  • Lamp
  • Carpet
  • Cup
  • Coin
  • Bench

This pack contains more than 30 different assets and a Blueprint to spawn objects with simulated physics to fill the boxes with fruit or make stacks of gold.

Technical Details


  •  Fruits and small assets: 1024 x 1024
  •  Medium assets: 2048 x 2048
  •  3 Textures for each asset (Base Color, Normal and AO/Roughness/Metallic Packed )

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Collision: Automatically Generated

Vertex Count: 300 per fruit, 1000-3000 for medium assets and 10.000 for the market tents with cloth. Custom LODs for the most expensive assets like the tents and the group of fruits.

Number of Meshes: 39

Number of Materials: 35

Number of Textures: 101

Supported Development Platforms: Desktop and Game Consoles

Supported Target Build Platforms: Desktop and Game Consoles

Support email:

Additional Notes: the pack also contains a Blueprint "BP_Spawner" to spawn fruit or coins with simulated physics (press G to stop spawning objects and press "X" to delete the last one). Place the Spawner in the level and select the actor that you want to spawn.



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