Mecha Controller

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A project template implementing a Mecha character/controller and its turrets, which you can configure freely.

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This project is a project template for implementing a top down game with mechas, which can rotate their upper body separately from their lower body to face the target of the mecha, and which can be equipped with turrets. Turrets are implemented so that they can rotate toward the target of the mecha.

You can find in this project an implementation for turrets which throw projectiles, and turrets which perform a line trace to check targets. The weapon and targeting system used by turrets and mechas have been implemented using ActorComponents so it is very modular.

In addition, a debug mode allows you to visualize the sight of the mecha and the explosion radius of the missiles.

Even if the project is configured for top down game, you can use the features for other kinds of projects.

Watch the asset presentation :

Follow the tutorials to learn how to setup your own mechas and turrets :

Contact email :

Technical Details


  • Mecha character, which handles the rotation of its upper body to look at targets
  • Mecha controller, which allows a player to possess a Mecha character
  • Turrets for the mecha (two kinds of turrets are implemented : One which throws projectiles and one which performs a line trace.)
  • A basic but modular damage and targeting system
  • Everything is modular. You can add your own mecha models and turret models (see the tutorial videos)
  • Contains the following meshes : two mechas, two turrets, one missile. They have no LODs but are low poly and are mainly here for demonstrating purposes (but you can use them in your games).

Number of Blueprints: 21

Input: Keyboard and mouse

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: PC

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC


  • Watch these two videos to learn how to add custom turrets and mecha models :

  • Watch this video to learn how to create a custom mecha model based on an existing one :

Important/Additional Notes:

The assets under Content/MechaController/UE4_DefaultAssets are assets taken from the default engine assets. I only use them for shoot/explosion sound and particle effect and they are only here as example on how you can setup the turrets.



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