Material Variety Pack 01

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A variety pack of High Quality PBR Materials created procedurally with customizable sliders allowing you to control the appearance output by each material to better fit your scene.

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The pack contains 10 PBR High Quality materials created by me. All can be used in any project, commercial or otherwise. These materials were created to output at any desired resolution. They were created at 4k but are capped at 2k in Unreal Engine. Each material can be modified using the associated Substance Instance Graph. Some materials have more options than others. These materials require the Substance Plug-in to be installed. If the Substance Plugin is not installed and turned on in the Plug-ins menu the materials will not work. The Substance Plug-in can be downloaded for free here.

The Materials are:

Stone Brick with Metallic Veins*

White and Black Marble

Ceramic Tile*

Rusty Metal*

Fuzzy Fabric (Carpet)

Course Fabric (Thick and Bumpy)

Course Thread Fabric (Burlap-esque)


Mahogany Wood*

Cherry Wood*

[* Indicates that it has customizable options to control the output appearance of the material]

If you do decide to use one or more of my materials in your project please include a credit to me somewhere, thanks!

If you have any feedback or suggestions please do not hesitate to post them, I'll try to answer them or improve on the Material Pack if possible!

Technical Details


  • Fully Scalable PBR Materials
  • 10 Different Materials
  • Variety of Customizable Options

Texture Resolutions:

  • Complete Range From 32px to 2048px.
  • Textures were created at 4k Resolution using procedurally generated maps.

Number of Materials: 10 Materials

Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: Yes

Number of Textures: 50 Textures

Each Material has 5 Textures Base Color, Normal, Roughness, Metallic, and Ambient Occlusion; Some have an optional Height Map

Supported Development Platforms: Any Platform Except IOS, Android, and HTML5



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