Material Smart Marble Series Smart Master Materials, Mark. 05

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A Set of 32 smart master materials with high customization features for marble/polished stone related material instances, featuring mobile materials, distortion and desaturation options, far field fall-off options, bump offset, and tessellation.

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Simply drag and drop your texture maps to the material instance, fine tune and finalize your materials at once!

This package contains a set of 32 smart master materials with high customization features for marble materials in mobile and PC/console game development. 11 custom material functions are also included.

Master materials featuring:

1)     Mobile master materials (Basic)

2)     Marble and polished stone master materials (Polished)

3)     Bump offset and tessellation features for marble with scratched surface master materials (Scratched)

4)     Full functionalities with all options for basic, polished, and scratched marbles (MatSmart ONE)

Additional functionalities featuring:

1)     Distortion and Desaturation option

2)     Far field map fall-off

3)     Simple/advanced specular/roughness options

Within each major blueprint type, master material structures are listed as follows:

1)     _D+R: Diffuse, roughness simulated from diffuse

2)     _DSRNAH(T): Diffuse, Specular, Roughness, Normal, Ambient Occlusion, Height/Tessellation

3)     _Des: Distortion and Desaturation options built-in

4)     _One: full functionalities and options all built-in One blueprint   

Textures are used as an example from Epic's Starter Content.

Technical Details


·        6 master materials for mobile application development (Basic_)

·        10 master materials for polished marbles (Polished_)

·        12 master materials for marble with scratched surfaces (Scratched_)

·        5 master materials for high-end PC/console development (Tessellation_)

·        Distortion and Desaturation option can be toggled on/off

·        Far Field Fall-off options for render optimization

·        Simple/advanced specular selection

·        Simple/advanced roughness selection

·        Specular texture/specular simulated from roughness selection.

·        Roughness texture from Diffuse map options.

Number of Master Materials: 32

Number of Material Functions: 11

Number of Sample Textures: 7

Number of Sample Material Instances: 32

Folders Include: Level Content, Maps, Materials, Textures

Supported Development Platforms: Android, iOS (Basic series only), Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox One

Support Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox One 



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