Manipulator Robot

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Blue print asset for simulate sci-fi industrial style manipulator robot

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Robot can get cargo from any available point and deliver to target point.
Can be used with list of cargo's placed on the level or you can spawn per cargo in real-time (useful for gameplay features). Many parameters for fine adjustment. No skeletal meshes used - you can replace robot geometry.

Suitable for sci-fi, industrial, horror and other style games.


Fully automatic. No precomputed or manual animation need
4 color schemes included
Sound FX included
Blue print events - pause, resume, add cargo
Start / work poses setup
Static version (for level decor) included

Note: All delivered cargo's always will be oriented to robot direction. Only yaw rotation is supported for cargo orientation on the level.

Technical Details

1) Place ManipulatorRobot to the level
2) Place Cargo to level between small and big robot's rings
3) Place Target to level between small and big robot's rings
4) Specify Cargo in the Manipulator robot settings (Robot->Cargos):
5) Specify Target in the Cargo settings (Target):
6) Play game!

Number of Materials: 4
Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: Yes
Number of Textures: 39
Number of Meshes: 13
Texture Resolution: 36 x 2048x2048, 3 x 1024x1024

Engine Compatibility: 4.14.3, 4.15.1
Platforms Tested: Windows
Intended Platform: Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox One
Documentation Included: Yes



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