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100% Customizable UMG Main Menu, with Scalability Settings, Audio volume changer, News Box, Pause Game, Saving System and more!

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A UMG Widget that lets you configure your scalability settings, audio volumes for Music, Effects for Environment. It has a New Box where you can announce all the game news to the players. It also has a pause game button, an Exit game button and a Saving System (All the changes that you make and apply are saved, whenever you reopen the game the settings will be the same).

  • The Menu has 1 Music to test the volume (Pressing K) (I do not own the music used).
  • If you buy this asset you get 100% support from me.
  • If you want to add more sounds, follow the Sound Instructions Below.

Technical Details


  • Full Scalability Settings.
  • Audio Volume (Music, Environment, Effects and Master).
  • Pause/UnPause Game.
  • Saving System.
  • News Box.
  • Exit Game Button.
  • Exit Menu Button.
  • Apply / Cancel Button.
  • Background Blur in-game slider.
  • Language Support (SOON)
  • Controls Support (SOON)

Documentation: Instructions.txt

Number of Blueprints: 1

Number of Widgets: 1

Number of Test Sound Wavs: 1 

Number of Images for the Menu: 8

Platforms: Windows/Mac

To Do List:

  • Controls Support.
  • Language Support.



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