Magic Aura Circles

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Customizable material and a set of unique textures for magic aura circles construction

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  • Material with the options to specify the parameters of the aura: the number of circular repetitions, inner and outer diameters, aura rotation speed, opacity, color.
  • Special material for rendering auras to texture.
  • 30 unique high-quality tile textures.
  • Source PNG files are included in the project and can be used in any other application.

Technical Details

Number of Textures: 30 (horizontally tileable)

Texture Resolution: 4096x4096

Number of Master Materials: 2 (MACBasicMaterial - for in-game use, MACtoRenderTarget - for render to texture)

Number of Materials derive from a Master Material: 30

Number of blueprints: 1 (actor for RenderToTexture)

Example map: Included


- In MACBasicMaterial master material "Responsive AA" checkbox is set to True.

- In MACBasicMaterial master material "ComputeMipLevel" node is used to fix tile-seams problems.

- For maximum performance - use render target material to render the aura you like right into texture.



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