Luxurious Lamps for Decoration V1

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Pack of 7 3D lamps style for decoration that you can use for your game or archvis.

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If you are looking for luxurious lamps for your project this is perfect for you.

You can change the materials of this lamps (different parts of the lamp) to make your custom lamp as you need.

Demo scene included

You can find the images (free to use) of the painting in:

Technical Details

Number of Meshes:

- Lamps: 9 (7 Lamps + 2 elements)

- Architecture: 23

- Deco_objects: 6

Lamp 1: Triangles: 19.192 Materials slots: 5

Lamp 2: Triangles: 27.176 Materials slots: 6

Lamp 3: Triangles: 29.016 Materials slots: 3

Lamp 4: Triangles: 11.880 Materials slots: 2

Lamp 5: Triangles: 56.192 Materials slots: 5

Lamp 6: Triangles: 59.288 Materials slots: 5

Lamp 7: Triangles: 31.816 Materials slots: 2

Number of Materials: 23

Number of Textures: 20

Supported Development Platforms: Windows



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