Luos's Modular Rocks & Caves

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Massive, modular, easily customizable rock/cave assets for natural environments.

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Note: This pack is 5.5 GB. Ensure you have enough hard drive space on your system before downloading this pack.

Huge asset pack with a variety of props for fast and versatile creation of caves, gorges and other rocky, natural environments for fps, 3rd person, rpg's, topdown & sidescroller games!


516 meshes (modular cave pieces, rocks, arches, columns, floors, walls, etc)

of which

79 are modular cave meshes in 5 categories.

437 are rock & prop meshes in 11 categories.

Very customizable, well documented master material with 250+ Material Instances showcasing various uses.

Master material can use any tiling texture, automatically rescales them with the world scale of the mesh, allowing fast, easy and extremely versatile environment creation.

The material also contains an easy-to-use directional blend layer to create moss or ice effects.

All meshes will work with ANY seamless texture.

All of the contained 32 texture sets (each containing Albedo, Roughness, and Normal maps) textures are provided at 4k resolution, some additional props have lower res textures.

Additionally, the package contains 24 new sounds with sound cues and a plethora of other additional files.

Also included are 6 showcase levels, with one created by environment artist Will Chambers and one created by experienced designer Jan Kaluza to show the versatility and ease of use of this package.

Comes with video tutorials at:

Technical Details

Main Content:

• 516 meshes.

• 79 of these are modular cave meshes in 5 categories (813 polygon average)

• I-shaped corridors & rooms.

• L-shaped corridors & rooms.

• T-shaped corridors & rooms.

• X-shaped corridors & rooms.

• Additional sections.

• 437 of these are rock & prop meshes in 11 catagories. (2100 polygon average)

• Rocks.

• Columns.

• Arches.

• Stalagmites & Stalactites.

• Floors.

• Mesa's.

• Spires.

• Walls.

• Crystals.

• Mushrooms.

• Additionals.

Material details:

Number of Master Materials: 1

• Heavily customizable.

• Can use any tiled texture.

• Automatically rescales Uv's to the world scale of the mesh.

• Optional Moss/Ice layer.

• Optional checkermap.

• Well documented.

Number of Material instances: 250+

Texture resolution: 4096x4096

Additional Content:

• 6 example levels. (realistic, fantasy, indoor, outdoor)

• 1 simplified version of main Master Material.

• 20 Master materials for additional props.

• 16 additional Mat. Instances.

• 24 water/drip sounds + cue's.

• 4 Material functions.

• 4 tutorial videos on youtube.

• 2 timelapse videos on youtube.

• And more.

Additional Info:

All meshes will work with ANY seamless texture!

Video Tutorials Playlist:



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