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Add a Lua engine to your projects for scripting and modding

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Unreal Engine 4 Plugin for adding Lua scripting to your projects.

If you want modders to customize your game/project, or you need to allow game designers to script parts of the logic, this plugin is for you.

Contrary to the other Unreal Engine 4 Lua plugins, this one does not try to expose the Unreal Engine 4 api, but completely hides it exposing to the user/scripter only the features the developer decided to include (via Blueprints or C++).

Currently Windows 64bit, Mac (both Runtime and Editor) and Android (Runtime only) are supported.

Technical Details


  •  Embedding of multiple Lua virtual machines in the same project
  •  Functions can be exposed to Lua via C++ or Blueprints
  •  Coroutines
  • Access to the Lua Garbage Collector
  • Scripts can be cooked in the build or loaded at runtime from the filesystem
  • Functional tests included

Code Modules:

  •  LuaMachine, Runtime
  •  LuaMachineEditor, Editor

Number of Blueprints: more than 50 for functional tests

Number of C++ Classes: 5 exposed

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows 64bit

Mac 64bit

Linux 64bit

Supported Target Build Platforms:

Windows 64bit

Mac 64bit

Linux 64bit




Example Project:

Discord Channel:

Important/Additional Notes:

The plugin is open source, i am placing it on the store too as a way for sponsoring development and simplify adoption



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