Low Poly Old Trade

Diego -
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An old trade for low poly games with a beautiful design and light.

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Contains a simple low poly old market, which has a blacksmith and a store that sells magic supplies.

Can be used in isometric games with ease with beautiful graphics.

Contains a simple animation for the broom, book, and a magic circle that is in the edifice, and the cauldron.

Technical Details


Contains 3 models of low poly trading with various props included, some with simple animations.

Can be used directly in play with preference for isometric

The project was developed in Unreal Engine 4.18.3 and is only supported for this version.

All the lamps are only demonstrative, and are part of the unreal.

All particle textures have been created, one of them has transparent background.

The templates will be available in .fbx and .obj

The blacksmith has 43244 vertices, the condiment store has 58058 vertices, the spell shop has 43244 vertices.

Texture Sizes: no textures


Some collisions were automatically generated other custom

Vertex Count: Yes

LODs: 0

Number of materials and material instances: 93 divided into 21 for the blacksmith, 41 for the condiment store and 31 for the spell shop.

Number of textures: 0

Supported development platforms: Windows

Supported target build platforms: Windows

Important/Additional Notes: Objects already have several elements of a scene, so they may look like many vertices, but in fact they are many objects that make up a single one.



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