Loot FX Pack

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Loot FX Pack - Advanced RPG Particle Effects

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Demo Video: CLICK

Loot FX Pack contains more than 79 different Particle Effects for you to chose from! If u make a isometric adventure, stylized TPS, or FPS game, this is your pack! Contains Particle Systems that can be combined to create over 100 variations! Endless possibilities of reuse! Includes Nuke, Pop, Smoke, Burn, and Pickup effects! Working on a Fighting or Platform game? Loot FX Pack is an essential pack for all types of games, no matter what your genre is! It gives a unique visual boost for your project! This pack is a no brainer for your isometric adventure, stylized TPS, or FPS games!

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Disclaimer: This pack does not include the grass and trees shown in the screenshots. They are only for presentation purposes. This pack includes the Third Person Template from Epic Games.

Technical Details


  • Total of 80 effects that can be used for RPG, TPS, FPS, Fantasy and other types of games!
  • 4 types of different potion pick-ups (Small, Medium, Large, Tall)
  • 4 different types of potions (HP, Mana, Electricity, Ammo)
  • 4 types of coin pickups (circle, wavy, dots, squares)
  • Loot box opening which spawns pickups and always avoids player while opening, regardless of player position
  • Dozens of color variations with various items which add up to 80 effects!

Number of Effects: 60 Particle effects + 20 Blueprint effects

Number of Textures: 15

Number of Materials: 41

Number of Blueprints: 20

Number of Meshes: 10 + Animations



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