Loop & Music Vol. 1 (Ambient, Cinema, Rock)

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Loop & Music Vol. 1 (Ambient, Cinema, Rock) is loops & music asset of music genres such as Ambient, Cinema, Rock in. And This asset will be useful for various scenes and various works.

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Sound source addition update (ver 1.2) was implemented.

With ver 1.2, the number of sound sources is 120, total playing time is 8 hours or more.

All Sound Source Sample :HERE 

This asset(version 1.2) contains 58 loops ,39 music & 23 remixes(120 sound source, file format is wav).

This asset will increase the loop and music greatly due to the regular update in the future. 

==** File Organization **==

Loop(58 Loops)

- Loop Ambient 001-018

- Loop Cinema 001-021

- Loop Rock 001-019

Music(39 Music)

- Music Ambient 001-010

- Music Cinema 001-012

- Music Rock 001-017

Remix(23 Loops)

- Ambient Remixes

- Cinema Remixes

- Rock Remixes

If you like this asset, Please check my publisher page & offcial YouTube out 

marching dream Unreal Engine Market Publisher Page


Official Website


Official YouTube Channel


Technical Details


  •  Adding sound sources(loops & music) by future updates is free for purchasers of this asset. 

Number of Audio Wavs: 120

Sample Rate/Bit Rate: (44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs)

Does music loop: Loop - Yes, Music - No Remix - Yes

Minutes of audio provided: More than 8 hours

Supported Development Platforms: ALL

Supported Target Build Platforms: ALL

File Size: 4.6GB

Version Data:


First Release


All Files Remastering & Rebuilding

Add 42 New Sound Source(14 Loops ,8 Music & 20 Remixes)

Epic genre changed to Cinema genre


Add 29 New Sound Source(21 Loops ,5 Music & 3 Remixes)



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