Logic Driver - State Machine Blueprint Editor

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Create State Machines in Blueprints using graphs to define state and transition logic.

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Logic Driver contains an editor which is similar in appearance to Animation State Machines but instead allows generic Blueprint nodes to be used. This can greatly simplify complex State Machines as well as make debugging easier.

Any UObject type can be passed as a context allowing State Machine Blueprints to drive the logic of your object in any way you wish. State Machine instances are also UObjects giving you freedom to decide where they are managed.

Basic Example

Technical Details


  • State Machine editor for easily creating Blueprint State Machines.
  • State Machines can be used as UObjects or ActorComponents.
  • States have Begin, Update, and End entry points.
  • Transitions are sorted by priority and once one is entered you have the option of executing additional transition logic.
  • Custom Blueprint nodes are included to assist with transitions such as "Has State Machine Reached End State". These are searchable through the normal right-click Context Menu.
  • Hierarchical State Machines are supported.
  • Nodes are color coded and have hover-over information to assist in determining if they can be executed, have logic, or are end states.
  • Debugging State Machines during run-time with the Blueprint Editor is supported.

Code Modules:

  • SMSystem - Runtime
  • SMSystemEditor - Developer
  • SMSystemTests - Unit tests (Source code only)

Network Replicated: Yes, ActorComponents have full replication support.

Blueprint Nativization Supported: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac, Mobile, HTML5

Forum Support Thread

Getting Started and Support


Example Project



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