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Components to add lock functionality with 3D lockpicking minigames to your objects.

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Video: youtu.be/JeHJYbgkPG8

This pack contains lock components, that can be easily implemented to any actor BP. In order to add "lock" functionality to your door, locker or container, you simply need to add this component and call "Open lock" function on your Interaction event (interface, custom event, e.t.c).

Moreover, lock components have Lockpicking minigames! That means, that you can chose one of some lockpicking minigames, and player will have to complete it in order to open something you are hiding from him. Those lockpicking minigames have lots of options which allow you to setup from arcade and simple lockpicking, to realistic and hard. There are 4 pre-made minigames: Rotation lockpicking (similar to Fallout 3 - 4) and 3 pin pressing types of lockpicking (Simple, Time Line Up and Realistic with Tension). Minigames are visualized with 3D overlay rendering, so you do not need to redraw animations, simply change materials or models (which come with this pack already) to yours.

Everything done using Blueprints. And everything is commented! You do not need to know blueprints good in order to read or edit the logic.

Support forum thread: forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?94901-Lock-Lockpick-Component

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 5 lock components, 3 rendering Blueprints, 5 demo doors.
• Lock component with lock/unlock functionality
• Lock components with lockpicking minigames
• Special classes to render minigames onto screen in 3D
Intended Platform: PC, Mac, Linux, Consoles
Tested platforms: PC
Documentation Included: Commented code, functions and variables.



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