Location Toolkit

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Assets and tools to support your geographic location projects.

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This toolkit allows you to easily integrate geographic location support to your projects. You will find textures, materials, static meshes, and blueprints themed on location. This is a blueprint only pack which makes the engine's native location infrastructure practical.

To gain access to a mobile device location: add the location engine blueprint actor component to your game instance or level. The location of the player/device is automatically available and refreshed.

Toolkit overview on YouTube

In addition to the location engine actor component Blueprint, you will also get:

  • - 100+ textures/materials: Earth, location pins and markers, and geographic grids.
  • - Eight location pin static meshes. 
  • - Modular location pin/marker Blueprints. 
  • - Modular compass textures.
  • - Earth planet materials palette.
  • - Location-related macros Blueprint and interfaces.
  • - Data, planar, spherical location map Blueprints.
  • - And more...

Blueprints come fully documented with optional, human friendly logging and debugging information for troubleshooting. Targeted at mobile platforms in general. Tested on Android. Extensible to other platforms when the Unreal Engine API support and implementation becomes available. An Android application demonstrating some of the toolkit features is available on the Google Play store.

Any question? Feature request? Email us at cerise.software@gmail.com Leave us a note on the forum thread or rate us!

Technical Details


  • - Data location whiteboard.
  • - Customizable planar map location with location marker/pin.
  • - Customizable spherical map location with location marker/pin.
  • - Modular and customizable location marker/pin 2D/3D Blueprints. 
  • - Location engine actor component blueprints (GPS, random, orbital): configurable, documented, and ready for easy use.
  • - Various conversion functions: location to pretty text, JSON, decimal, degree/minute/seconds, rotation, cardinal point, etc.
  • - Two interfaces to provide implementation contract on objects which you want to use location.
  • - Observer design pattern implemented using Blueprints with various interfaces to provide implementation contract on objects which you want to use location. 


  • - Number of Blueprints: 12
  • - Input: N/A
  • - Network Replicated: No
  • - Supported Development Platforms: PC
  • - Supported Target Build Platforms: All
  • - Documentation: Location Toolkit on the Unreal Engine Wiki
  • - Important/Additional Notes: GPS feature is mobile only (iOS and Android).



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