Multiplayer Lobby System

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Network systems like a Lobby, Chat, Groups (invite through the Chat), Character Select and more!

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In this Blueprint/UMG Package you will get well commented, common Network Systems.

The pack contains:

• A main Menu for Network Games and Options (Small SaveGame part)

• A Lobby with Ready/Kick/StartGame/SwitchTeam buttons, Character Selection and Teamlists

• A Chat with All/Group/Whisper Channel and "/commands"

• A Group System with Groupleader, invite through a List or the Chat

• 2 Maps for FFA and Teambased Coin collection game with a Scoreboard and a WinningScreen + small Respawn-System

• 1 Map to demonstrate the Chat and the GroupSystem

• Lots of comments on nearly every function and node!

• Extra short tutorials explaining the important classes and how to use them in Multiplayer!

Supports only Listen Servers! Dedicated Server support needs to be added by yourself!

Each system can be stripped of the rest, only a few variables are shared between them.

Technical Details

This project contains several UI elements as seen in the screenshots.

Intended Platform: Desktop



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