LCVg's Serialized Saves Plugin

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A simple and fast tool to save any number of actors (variables and references), to a single file.

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This plugin provides you with a series of Blueprint nodes that allow you to serialize and save any number of actors and all the useful data you want to save for each one of them (any variable it contains, including references to other actors, will be preserved). An interface will help you identify all your persistent actors, avoiding additional and annoying steps. Forget about adding each variable to an array and recovering them in the same order! Everything is handled by the plugin!
Just implement the interface in your actors, mark your variables as "save game", call the save nodes and you are good to go! All your actors and data for any number of maps will be saved in a single file with your player name!
Ideal for any kind of game that requires persistence!

Technical Details

List of Features:

- All doable in Blueprints, No c++ required.

- Save and load all your player character data.

- Save and load your player Class! (Ideal for RPGs!) [NEW 1.2]

- Load the last map your player has been at with 1 node. [NEW 1.2]

- Save and load any number of persistent actors.

- Save dynamically spawned actors.

- Classes, Transforms and Variables (references included) are saved.

- Data saved to a single file with your player name.

- Use the same file for any number of maps.

- Serialization to and from byte arrays for individual Actors and Objects.

- Save and Load individual Objects to the same file! (ideal for settings saves!) [NEW 1.2]

- Expand functionality in Blueprints by using the interface events.

- Full source included.

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Linux

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Linux, Android

Documentation Included: LCVgs Serialized Saves Wiki

Example Project:



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