Layouter Blueprint Level Generator

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Layouter is a 100% blueprint tool that allows you to quickly and easily generate a maps layouts based on pre-definied segments.

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With Layouter you are able to quickly and easily generate layout of the rooms and tunnels. If you are satisfied with the layout you can quickly change everything to the previously defined blueprint actors. Generator is 100% made in blueprints everyone can easily modify and expand tool. The document describes how to add and set new segments. So that everyone can adjust the Layouter to meet your needs.

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 2
Intended Platform: Windows
Platforms Tested:Windows
Documentation Included: Yes

Update 18/02/2017:
- cages mesh added for LuosCaves.
- invalid get - fixed

Bugs / known issues:
Prefab static mesh components are "separated from each other" - Seems to
the blueprint prefab lose information about the scale. For now you can fix
this by editing prefab.Bug was reported to UE4 Team.



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